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The Right Team

As a boutique production company, it is crucial that I hire the right talent to represent the company brand and what I created over 20 years ago. These days, the photo and video market are saturated with shooters of all different levels of talent and experience.  

It is my job to meet and work with every potential team member to assess their knowledge and experience and add additional training before allowing them to represent the brand I have put 1,000’s of hours into creating. 

It is with full confidence that take full responsibility for my team members. We are a group of good people, with strong values and even stronger work ethics.  

Crew Steph and Dave 2

Anticipation, Preparation, Action

When we are considering what tools are needed for your project, we put ourselves in the mind-frame of being on location and imagining what to expect as well as what not to expect. We anticipate all things that may be out of our control such as the lighting in the environment, the size of the space, the ambient sound and so on. 


Since we have thought this through including the unexpected, we have prepared for everything we could have imagined. 

Finally, we act and do what we do best, which is create imagery and quickly and quietly find solutions for it. To us, this is what it means to be a professional. Not only have we anticipated and prepared for everything, but we’ve discussed this several times leading up to your project. 

You can be assured that we will give our best when it comes to our talent, our creative solutions, and our overall professionalism.

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Our Process

From the moment you reach out to us. First, we acknowledge receipt of your email immediately, so you know your inquiry made it through the web and to our desks. Soon, thereafter, we will send a questionnaire to you which has specific questions about your type of service request. 

This questionnaire is important for two reasons. One, it will give us as much information about the project as possible and two, it will initiate the workflow for your project. The workflow is crucial for us to get you into our system and start providing the best service that we can for you. 

Once you’re in our system and we’ve reviewed the details you sent, we may have a couple of follow-up questions. If we do, we will respond promptly to ask these questions. When we have all the information necessary for creating a personalized quote for your project, we will create the quote and send it out within about an hour. When we show up to a photo or video shoot, we come prepared!

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Enhance Your Branding

We truly do look forward to meeting and working with you on your projects. We plan to exceed your expectations and when we do, we always hear from our clients saying how surprised they were about how everything turned out. 

If you’re still reading this, that means you are very interested in using our services, or you’re a bot. We are just joking. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can answer any questions you have, and if by some chance we can’t, we will assist you in finding the answer. 

You should know that we book out about one month in advance so if you’re considering using our services, reach out as soon as possible so we can at least put a hold on your requested date.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the best service in the city!